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Our proven track record has earned us a loyal client following among globally-recognized market leaders, secured creditors, trustees, and receivers.

Below are a few recounts of their NRC experiences:

The overall efforts of NRC are outstanding. NRC's experience and methodology were excellent. More particularly, your "buy one, some or all" bidding process paid dividends in reaching the maximum end results. I was personally impressed by your experience in dealing with various challenges that a bankruptcy auction presents. My job was made easier by the fact that the courts officers and creditors' committee were very comfortable in approving your application for employment...The number of prospect/potential buyer contacts in your database is an amazingly high number.

Further, it was clear to me...that the advertising process which NRC implemented was designed to ensure that the information regarding the sale reached the maximum number of prospects within the 60-day timeline prior to auction. NRC's handling of information is extremely organized. NRC employes a highly efficient methodology to deliver the information to prospects.

The NRC team kept the process on track and pushed the task ahead through the bidding, contracting and closing stages. The staff of NRC succeded in its task because it was able to assist and encourage each and every one of the various parties in the transaction. This plan made the "work of the moment" part of the cooperative effort to achieve an attainable result. My client and I both developed confidence that our actions were going to succeed because of the way NRC planned in advance each stage up to and including the closing of the sales. With the leadership and encouragement of NRC, the effort was prepared at each stage of the auction process.

George W. Thomas | Gilpan Givhan, PC

I wanted to personally acknowledge the key role your organization played in assisting TecumsehPower in bringing these [three Tennessee industrial] properties to market and getting them sold.

We believe that we couldn't have done it as effectively without your on-line processes, strategic as well as transaction guidance, and the vast knowledge that comes from NRC's as well as your individual and personal experience dealing with commercial and industrial real estate buyers across the country. Specifically, we can attest to the benefits that standardization around bid packages and purchase agreements can provide to potential sellers and would be happy to speak...about the sealed bid process in general and how it has benefitted Tecumseh Power Company.

Rudolf Strobi, President & CEO | TecumsehPower Company

Thank you for an extraordinary job assisting Sunoco over the past year in the sale of branded and closed locations.

Your understanding of environmental and PMPA issues and your ability to rapidly assemble large amounts of detailed due diligence information about each site has been key to that success.

Your work helped us achieve our strategic objectives, and we were able to meet and/or exceed our price expectations through the competitive bidding process.

Blake Heineman, Vice President | Sunoco

From the moment that I was asked by the turnaround consultant to help with an auction disposition of the three industrial and office surplus properties, you were the perfect partner and consummate professional. Every detail was addressed; every need attended to so that the entire process was carried out almost flawlessly.

Be assured that the next auction situation that Atlas Partners encounters will be directed to NRC.

Roger F. Ruttenberg, President | Atlas Partners

Thank you for your efforts in helping to dispose of the 40 properties of the First Lawrence Partnership leased to the U.S. Postal Service.

I have enjoyed working with you and admire your professionalism and your ability to get things done in complicated matters.

You have been extraordinarily helpful and the success and the disposition of our properties is to a great extent due to your aggressiveness and ability to keep me advised of the various stages of the proceedings.

Arthur J. Kremer, Partner | Rivkin Radler & Kremer

It is with great pleasure that I take a moment to tell you what a marvelous job you and your outstanding staff did for Ameritech.

As effortless as you made the marketing process, the proof of your expertise was in the high percentage of sales you achieved. You made us all look good and our mutual client very satisfied. Now that I have had first-hand experience, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any prospective client or to retain you myself should the need arise for The Alter Group or any of our clients.

Nikki Block, Senior Vice President | The Alter Group, Ltd.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank NRC for helping us to reach our goal. Your staff had to deal with an ever increasing list of properties. NRC also managed to arrange for a second auction day when the number of properties increased past the capacity of a one day sale.

Please accept our thanks and gratitude.

Christina M. Ohler, Section Chief - Owned Real Estate Development | FDIC

It was a real pleasure working with you and your associates to execute our sealed bid sales of a 150,000 sf industrial property near Charlotte. Your professionalism was evident in your dealings with all interested parties.

Paul F. Holcomb Jr., Senior Vice President | Wachovia (now merged with Wells Fargo)

Thank you for your help with recent sales of the Wisconsin and New Mexico office and industrial properties for AR Accessories.

You and your associates were efficient in marketing and managing the sale process, with results from the sealed bid auction exceeding expectations.

Donald A. Morell, Vice President | Bank One (now merged with Chase)

I am very grateful to you for the excellent job that you did in preparing the property for sale, providing information regarding the property to many people, preparing the Harbor Club master-planned gold community superb due diligence report, by the professional execution of the bidder's conference and the auction itself. It will be a pleasure to recommend you and your firm to others.

John W. Ragsdale, Partner | Ragsdale, Beals, Hooper & Seigler

We could not have bid as aggressively as we did if your firm had not done its homework presenting all the appropriate information my clients needed. As questions arose prior to the bid deadline your firm responded promptly.

We enjoyed working with your firm and welcome additional offerings.

Jeffrey D. Dayon | Mishaan Dayon & Lieblich, P.C.

Quality, Cost, Time. When one considers a project or initiative the saying goes: "pick two". In the case of the Ameritech Small Properties Sealed Bid sale your firm conducted in cooperation 'with Equis, this was not the case.

The NRC staff should be commended for the major effort they put in to plan and implement the sealed bid program. All involved demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction second to none.

My thanks to NRC. We look forward to working with your firm to manage additional sales in the future.

David Raduziner, Director - Real Estate Services | Ameritech

NRC prepared a thoughtful marketing plan and accurately projected the costs of the plan. I felt the subject properties in Chapter 11 were essentially unmarketable, but NRC was able to drum up interest in the properties; through its efforts NRC brought me purchasers who bought all of the properties from the estate.

Throughout the process, my contacts at NRC were very good about providing me with status reports, and making themselves available by phone. They appeared to fully appreciate and be able to work with bankruptcy issues involved, in addition to successfully performing their marketing and sales functions.

Jeffrey A. Shadwick | Winstead, Sechrest & Minick

Thank you for the excellent job you did in facilitating the sale of ComEd's excess property.

You did an outstanding job by providing attractive marketing materials, through well placed media advertising, utilizing a comprehensive direct mailing campaign, by keeping us informed and by coordinating all of the closings.

ComEd would not hesitate to contact NRC again should a need to use their seal bid services arise.

Robert M. Jones, Sr. Real Estate Coordinator | Commonwealth Edison

It was a real pleasure working with you and your associates to successfully consummate the sale of an office building property we had tried to sell by conventional means for over nine months.

Thank you for a job well done. Peoples Gas looks forward to working with NRC in the future.

Robert F. Donohue, Coordinator, Office Services | Peoples Energy

I wanted to express how much we appreciated your services in this matter.

To put this asset into play in national commerce and develop a market as you did required flexibility and a willingness to learn that is rarely evidenced by brokers. The very satisfactory result obtained can be traced directly to your endeavors.

Gerald S. Klein, Chairman | Middle States Holding Company, Inc.

We purchased seven competitive convenience stores in 2001 from ARCO. Six of these acquisitions have been through Mr. Gladstone and his company. All of our transactions with NCR have been clear, concise, and straightforward. I strongly support selecting him and his company for potential divestiture sales.

Craig D. Eerkes, President and CEO | Sun Pacific Energy

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the high level of effort and outstanding work product delivered by you and your team during the E-Z Serve Western Zone divestiture program of more than 400 properties in 16 states. Intelligence, integrity, tirelessness and creativity are just a few words that I would use to describe your team members.

NRC is a class organization and we would not hesitate to use your services again should the need arise.

John T. Miller, Vice President and CFO | EZ Serve Corporation

This letter is long overdue, but the delay bears no relation to the results you and your associates accomplished for us. The sale of the 250,000 sf Brown Marx Tower was not an easy assignment. You persevered and brought in an acceptable result.

My partners and I thank you.

Bruce D. Gittlin | GCI Alabama Inc., Subsidiary of Gittlin Companies, Inc.

I wanted to send you and NRC a letter of appreciation for assisting Circle K dispose of our excess real estate portfolio. I was skeptical that the 300 properties could be sold and closed rapidly, at acceptable prices.

Per your prediction, your high profile sales program created a "feeding frenzy" which produced over 8000 phone responses to NRC telemarketing, and 900 bonafide bids. We were able to put approximately 240 of the 300 properties under contract at the bid deadline last December, and then sell the balance in a second and final round this year. Many properties in the second round had environmental issues making the success even more impressive.

A substantial number of the properties offered were sold in excess of our minimums, and your efficient closing department was able to close 97% of the portfolio. Truly amazing!

I believe in the accelerated marketing program and would not hesitate to use your services in the future.

Philip W. Tomczyk, Vice President Store Development | Circle K

This letter is written to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your work in the disposition of our portfolio.

Your assistance in the often difficult negotiations was integral to the process and represented a significant contribution to the completion of the transaction. I have no doubt that when other opportunities arise to work together, we will place NRC among our primary contacts as an organization capable of successfully formulating and implementing the best disposition strategy for real estate assets.

Daniel L. Charleston, Vice President | Balcor Management Services, Inc.

Over the past year for the Atlanta Sales Center, NRC has conducted 19 auctions and sold 557 properties with a combined sales price in excess of $25,000,000. These auctions have included small residential lots to multi-million dollar commercial properties. With all these auctions we've become more and more appreciative of the ability and professionalism of your fine staff.

L. Leroy Hill, Atlanta Office Auction Coordinator | RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation)

I wish to express my pleasure at the successful auction of the referenced asset from our portfolio. Our firm struggled a number of months to dispose of the real estate acreage ourselves.

Your auction generated five serious offers and two were certainly acceptable with the winning one at 265% of appraised value!!

A job well done...

Dennis Nelles, Senior Asset Manager | CRT Asset Management, Inc.

I would like to thank you and your staff for their hard work and grand successes in the sealed bid initiatives performed by NRC. NRC's marketing efforts combined with a dedicated group of professionals, has facilitated the liquidation of our portfolios with excellent prices and quick closings. Our experiences with your company have been far more successful than any other firm of this nature.

Sandra Davis, President | GlobeSource Financial Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the results obtained in the Sealed Bid Sale of the Aztec Inn in Tucson, Arizona.

I consider the twenty-one bids received from a range of ten different states throughout the nation as a positive sign of proper marketing, especially when a minimum bid of 160% of the latest appraised value was established and no seller finance was available. The Sales Price of $1,620,000, or 162 % of the appraised value proves it.

Working with you in the future will be a pleasure.

Ibrahim Consuegra, REO Director | META (Maria Elena Torano Associates, Inc.)