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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Global Partners Divesting 13 Sites
Sites to be sold through NRC’s “buy one, some or all” sealed bid sale

Source: Convenience Store Decisions
By CSD Staff

NRC Realty & Capital Advisors LLC (NRC) has been retained by Global Partners LP to coordinate the sale of seven former convenience stores and six vacant retail sites in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Of the 13 sites, four are located in Connecticut, two each are in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire and one each are in Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

The lot sizes range from 11,274 square feet up to 1.84 acres, with the average lot size being 26,950 square feet. Average building size is 1,370 square feet, ranging from kiosks to buildings of more than 2,250 square feet. All sites are fee-owned properties. Sites may be sold with deed restrictions.

“These sites are very appealing for a multitude of automotive, retail and commercial uses,” said Evan Gladstone, NRC’s executive managing director. “A majority of the sites are located on high-traffic corners in mature neighborhoods and in small towns,” added Gladstone.

The sites will be sold using NRC’s well-known “buy one, some or all” sealed-bid sale process.

For a complete list of the sites, site specific information and instructions for submitting offers, please visit

Interested parties can register online for sale updates or by calling the NRC Customer Service Center at (800) 747-3342, extension 1623.

Property Specific Packages (PSP) are expected to be available towards the end of November, with a bid deadline of Jan. 19, 2017.

To see a list of convenience stores for sale and gas stations for sale, click here.